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Elex Legal Publishers specializes in conciseaccurate and inexpensive trial guides for trial lawyers in both state and federal courts. The guides are designed to provide quick reference to procedure and evidence rules during the fast pace of trials. Brevity is essential to ensure that the key provisions of each rule may be found immediately during trial and trial preparation. The guides cite each rule by number, and the most important and useful provisions of each rule are concisely summarized by experienced attorneys. All guides are printed in “folder form” on heavy duty binder paper, in two colors for ease of use, and are 3-hole-punched for insertion into the attorney’s trial notebook.

The back cover of each federal and state evidence guide contains the most useful evidentiary objections for quick use in the courtroom, with the specific wording of each objection to preserve the record, and with a cite to an evidence rule for each objection.

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